Urgent help needed

At the moment, Micheal, Director of ACYP, is working with around 90 children who are suffering from HIV/AIDS. Because of their illness the Ugandan government provides regular medication to improve their quality of life. However, to enable the medication to be effective, these children need two special nutritional meals per week, in addition to their normal food. Unfortunately, because of the cost of these meals, many of these 90 children are unable to gain the nutrition they need and, in the last 3 months, 3 children from this group have died.

The cost of supporting these meals for the children is £2.00 per week per child. ALLHIM charity is seeking 90 people to commit £2.00 per week to support these children on a regular basis. Micheal has informed us that, in many cases, a child's health can be drastically improved within a week if this food is provided.

Are you able to help? If so, please contact the charity.