Child Sponsorship Programme

At ALLHIM, we love to see children have the opportunity to fulfil their potential. It brings joy to the children themselves, their friends and families, and also to us when we witness firsthand their successes as a result of our work. Are you interested in helping in this work?

It's very easy to get involved - our Child Sponsorship Programme is tailor made to enable you to help by sponsoring an individual child for a small monthly contribution.

For just £12.00 per month you can sponsor an orphaned/needy child through Primary School. All their health, nutritional and educational needs will be met for that small amount. They will also be provided with a uniform and casual clothing.

Unlike in the UK, progression through school depends on ability and success, as well as funding. For this reason some children may remain in Primary School until the age of 14 and will only progress to Secondary School if their results and donated finances permit. Even if successful, pupils who obtain very good Primary School results often leave school at this time because they are unable to afford the Secondary School fees.

For only £20.00 per month, you could help a teenager to fulfil their potential by sponsoring them through secondary education. This will give them a much better chance of employment and enable them to provide for their family. This sponsorship could prevent a young girl from being married by the time she is 14.

If you think you would like to get involved in our Sponsorship Programme you can find more information here

You can either print the forms and send them, including a Standing Order form or cheque, to ALLHIM, 14 Burford Street, Blaenavon, Torfaen, NP4 9PY or you can email enquiries to

Click here to see a video of a Mother Janet Success Story - ex pupil Joseph is now a qualified vet, looking after animals in the community and at the school.